Meet Nikolaos the plastic local fisherman

Nikolaos is a local fisherman who has been trying to catch his evening meal here for years. In recent years he has not caught much fish, but more and more plastic coffee cups, straws, bags and jerry cans.

We told Nikolaos that the fish he catches are no longer as healthy as they used to be because of the plastic soup the animals live in. We consume 5 grams of plastic per person per week.

We had to help Nikolaos and did a big beach clean up the Alkyonidos Beach for him. We wish him a warm heart and hope that he can catch a healthy fish again soon. Now we can enjoy the view of the beach as nature intended.

When we came back from our walk, Nikolaos was gone… the garbage fisherman had been removed. That’s the best result of this story. We can’t clean up alone, we do it together!

Beach clean up
Beach clean up